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Rimlife is one of the premier end-to-end provider of residential PV in NJ. We will handle all the details for you, from the initial application process to the final installation and maintenance of your new system

Substantial government cash rebates and tax credits are running out fast, so please contact us in order to start the process.

Click here to view our NJ Solar For Your Home or Business Brochure (PDF - 860 kb)

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  1. Contact Us to start the application process OR to ask questions.

  2. Collect 12 consecutive months of eletricity bills. This is needed for the application process in order to evaluate your annual energy consumption and your system size. Contact your local electrical provider if you are missing any months and have them mail the missing bills to you.

  3. A Rimlife professional will visit your home for free to perform a site analysis.

    He or she will also give you a thorough explanation of the procedures involved, including all product information (solar panels, inverters, warranties, etc), all the current infomation on programs that will help you purchase the system, and all the necessary steps going forward.

Rimlife will handle all rebate and permit applications for you.

Solar PV Basics

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