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Contact Us

RimLife Green Teknologi LLC
Edison, NJ 07016, USA

Sales Inquiries
Please direct all sales related inquiries to sales@rimlifegreentech.com

Partner Opportunities
RimLife firmly believes in the benefits of close cooperation with like-minded organizations, and is actively seeking partnerships with other companies in order to co-brand and co-market products. Please direct all partnership inquiries to partners@rimlifegreentech.com

Consulting Opportunities
RimLife is seeking motivated individuals who can help promote its products and the products of its partners. Please direct all consulting inquiries to consulting@rimlifegreentech.com

Website Feedback
if you would like to leave comments or suggestion for our webmaster, please email webmaster@rimlifegreentech.com

Press Information
Members of the press can contact the company by emaling press@rimlifegreentech.com.

Solar-powered street lights

Solar water heaters on commercial buildings in Beijing