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Oil Plant Biodiesel Production Costs Considerations

In order to analyze the feasibility of a particular biodiesel project, it is necessary to determine the profitability of the venture by examining some of the fixed and working capital associated with the production process. Listed below are some of the items that must be considered when producing biodiesel from an oil plant.

  1. Fixed Capital

    1. Land and Building

      1. Shed
      2. land
      3. land development

    2. Plant Machinery and Misc.

      1. Oil Extraction Plant
      2. Biodiesel plant
      3. Erection and electricals
      4. Furnitures and Fixtures
      5. Misc. Pre-operative expenses

  2. Working Capital per Month

    1. Machinery and Equipment

      1. Oil Plant Seeds
      2. Barrels for storage
      3. Methanol
      4. Sodium Hydroxide or other base catalyst

    2. Salaries and Wages

      1. Accountant/Clerk
      2. Manager
      3. Mechanic
      4. Supervisor
      5. Watchman
      6. Workers
      7. Chemist

    3. Utilities

      1. Power
      2. Water
      3. Fuel

    4. Misc Expenses

      1. Insurance and Taxes
      2. Repair and Maintenance
      3. Telephone and other network costs
      4. Transport charges
      5. Misc consumables