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About Us

RimLife Green Technologies, based in New Jersey, USA, is a leading supplier and developer of green technologies including solar and LED lighting products. Our products include a wide range of latest developments in solar panels, solar tracking systems, solar heating systems, as well as LED and CFL lighting. As one of the earliest pioneers in the green industry, The company is backed by private investors from both the US and China, and is headed by people with advanced scientifc background and strong business experiences.

RimLife manufacture is a 3 acre, 3-building facility (see below) located in Zhejiang Province, China. It is equipped with the latest production lines, testing machines, strict quality control system and an award-winning development team. Current production capacity is 5 million CFLs and LED tubes and can expand easily to double or triple capacity when necessary. We do OEM/ODM for lighting companies. Contact partner@rimlifegreentech.com if you are looking for manufacture partners.

RimLife Green Technologies is dedicated to creating a healthier living environment for the human society, and is willing to join efforts with all like-minded people!

Solar manufacturing plant

Solar manufacturing research lab

LED/CFL manufacturing plant

LED/CFL Production Line